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Editor's Note:  Once again we are blessed with another fine antenna design by world class moxon expert, YU1QT.  Andra's other Moxon designs are shown on this website.  Andra always pushes the envelope for new and innovative designs and his group's contest scores are proof that these antennas work great.

YU1QT Writes:  "This one is a third in a series. First was showed by YU Ham Fest in Kragujevac, Serbia June 28, 2006.   Now is in my portable Ratari (KN04BP). Second one is by Leon, 9A2KL in Zadar, Croatia, both built from  1.5mm sq. copper in PVC. The last one by YT9A is built from 2,5mm sq. with  driver of 4mm sq copper in PVC. Last 3 day's work with " Lethal" limit power  by Boban YT9A (ex YZ1AU) in Grabovac (KN04BO). God help as in Ratari,  nearest QTH locator! I have lot of pictures from last saturday with 14 MOX 5 No.  3. which I will send along.

Now I made 2x7el rotary Mox 14 for Tafro (stack is 23m high), T99W in Sarajevo.  Tafro work with 3X2 el MOX  7 on 30m high mast, on 1300m ASL over Sarajevo,Bosnia.  How I make so long Moxon?  Boom is 40 x 2 x 10.000mm from AL, from two pipe  pieces, fixed with 6mm rope over both end's. That's enough for wind 20m/sec.  I make from iron 30 x 1 x 400mm five ( 2 in Y shape, 3  straight) holder's clamped to the boom. On that Y shape holder's I put 4 x 5m long ( from 7m  Fishing rod, without last two segment's) fishing rod's. That are end's of  antenna. In the middle of antenna I put straight holder's equiped with 4m  long Fishing rod's (first 4 segment's from 7m rod). You'll see how that looks in pdf.  On the end's of every rod's, I put 2mm rope to the center pipe (40x2x2000  vertical holder, mounted on boom). After that, I put wire element's on same  point's. How? Every Moxon wire element have a small loop on the element  corner made  with cable-tie. Simple, isn't?   Every wire element end is equiped with same loop for 2mm rope, for connection to next element. Source point is made from  fyberglass plate 10mm thick, 60 x100mm, connection wire to cable go trough  two M6 x 40mm  screw's, and that's all!  Balun is wounded from original cable, 50cm from source point, 7 turn's on  plastic bottle, balun cable length is 3.2m.

Simple, but very serious antenna. Work like thunder, just go to 14 MHz, and hear YT9A signal.  Antenna is cheap, You need: 2 AL pipes 40 x2 x5.000, 1 AL pipe 40 x 2  x 2.000mm, 15m 6mm rope, 50m 2mm rope, 50-60m copper wire in PVC,  cable-tie's, 2 x M6 x 40mm screw's, PVC tape and one empty plastic bottle of  5L for balun holder.  I, forgot to say: Element end's are tilted back 100mm, just in case,maybe  first swr measuring show slightly high resonance. Trimming end's of driver,  adjust SWR. On 7m high mounting, MFJ measured SWR are 1.0 : 1 from 14.040 to 14.260 MHz.  On 10m final height, MFJ measured SWR are 1,22 :1 on 14.000, 1,1 :1 from 14.055 to 14. 250, and 1,28 :1 on 14.350.  Antenna total weight is under 15kg."

Design:  (download the following in a pdf file)

14 Mox 5el Legend.GIF

14 Mox 5el part 1.GIF


14 Mox 5el part 2.GIF

14 Mox 5el part 3.GIF




The essential ingredients for success! Spells BBQ in any language!



IMG_1321 (Large).jpg

The 5 element array being lifted



YU1QT working on a feedline


IMG_1336 (Large).jpg

The antenna going up.



Triumph YT9A.jpg

Triumph YT9A finished antenna!


bottle balun.jpg

5 element with its "bottle balun" hanging in the foreground.



No concrete,Serb way.jpg

No concrete, the Serb Way!






YT9A(ex YZ1AU).jpg

YT9A (ex YZ1AU)











YT9A shack.jpg



DSC_0068 (Large).jpg

The antenna array including the 5 element moxon.



YU1QT can be reached at muzikant (at) sezampro.yu

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