Built around a 1/2" pvc frame, Larry's 6 meter moxon antenna is made from #8 aluminum ground wire available from Radio Shack.  Larry's motivation in considering the moxon design was to deal with very strong rfi coming from the west at his location.  "All my other antennas hear it all the time.  The moxon's excellent front to back ratio has eliminated this noise and allowed me to work the entire east coast!  I feel guilty that this antenna works so well, 'cause its just two pieces of cheap wire...it is an amazing antenna!"

The pvc frame shown above supports the wire.  Larry drilled holes through the pvc and fed the wire through.  There is nothing inside the pvc...it is a frame only.  Others have used the pvc to support the wire inside the pvc.  Using a pvc frame to support a thick gauge wire eliminates the need to calculate shorter lengths because of any interaction from the pvc "insulation".

Here we see Larry's original design notes.  Larry will be putting up a stacked version of his antennas shortly.

"AB0AH ,about 3 miles out. Said i was s5 with my full wave loop.With the Moxon he said i peg his s meter out.( IT,  WILL ALWAYS HAVE A PLACE ON MY ROOF). If the 6M band opens we will see how she works on DX,this antenna is unreal ! IT WORKS PER THE BOOK

P.S I made it per the Moxon Rectangle Generator. If it works out OK on DX, I will make one with copper tube ! 73's Larry WA0WOX

6 meters opened up today. I pointed east and worked all up and down the east cost ! It was GREAT ! Its a keeper !!! 5 9 from all stations. 73's Larry WA0WOX"

As we can see here, Larry's moxon is set up on a small pvc support and a light duty tv rotator.  



In early January, 2007, Larry rebuilt his 6 meter moxon to withstand higher winds by making the antenna lighter. He removed much of the pvc, fixing the driven element to the pvc with wire ties shown below.  His antenna has withstood several fierce windstorms as well as ice storms.  Larry says it's the best wind and ice riding antenna he's every had.

Larry can be reached at wa0wox@yahoo.com if you have any questions.



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