Build Notes for a 10 Meter Moxon Antenna



"I live in a typically overpopulated English town. Our back garden is very small - measuring approx. 25ft X 35ft. Neighbours are side to side and to our rear. Putting up a large antenna is just not possible. I have experimented with doublets, an SGC smart tuner, a Cobbwebb rectangle and most recently a Moxon rectangle. I had good results with the SGC tuner and Cobbwebb, but I think I like the Moxon the best.

I found the most useful information from the Moxon website - well worth having a look at. Due to the size of our yard I have built a 10M Moxon which is placed on top of a 33ft push up mast. I rotate it using the 'armstrong' method. I definitely notice a difference in using a directional antenna - when facing Stateside the European signals fade. I get much better reports from stations I am facing, so whilst not measured I believe the front to back ratio as suggested does work.

My Moxon has been constructed using two fibreglass fishing poles, and a plastic breadboard as the center piece. I have used 10amp red & black power cable. The coax feed is attached using RG58 and crocodile clips. SWR is 1 to 1:2 across the band - I don't use a tuner. It cost virtually nothing to build and is proving an effective antenna.

Below are some pictures of the antenna at my home QTH along with a DX keeper map of regions I have contacted using just 50 watts. In relation to using just a mono band antenna I have mixed feelings. I use Ham Radio Deluxe and follow the DX Cluster - using this I have made some fabulous contacts - but I also see good DX on other bands that would be nice to chase as well. ( as I have been writing this I just followed via DX Cluster and then made contact with PY2TO - that's a long way from the UK on 50watts!) I would recommend the Moxon to anyone to have a play!! Good Luck & Good DX. - M0MRR


Above you can see the Moxon up and ready for action, the last picture shows the side of the antenna with the front and rear element 'joined' via tape and cable ties. You can also see in the bottom right of the picture a coax choke balun. I didn't intend for the antenna to be permanent and therefore it is a little flimsy - I may make it more robust when I next have some time to play."

Mark has since had some more time and has built a 10 meter version of this antenna out of tubular pipe.  View that antenna here.

Mark can be reached at if you have questions about his moxon.

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