Hello Moxon Builders:


Thanks for a great Moxon antenna site here on the web. I made a Moxon beam for 17 meters (18.130) the other evening and I find it works SUPERB! Now (with rather ease) I can work long dx in the late afternoon.


First "smoketest" yesterday night provided me with: 9Z4 -N7 -N8 -VA3 and the list goes on !! Compared to my extended zepp this antenna gives 3 to 4 S units better on far signals. A good side rejection against southern Europe really brings up the performance and gives trouble-free listening. I`m hooked for sure..........


I buildt this with Ø 28mm fiberglass rods (heavy duty stuff used to keep track of nets out on the big ocean HI) and 32mm alu tubing on a 6mm square alu bracket (40*40cm) the wire is 2,5mm PE electric, spaced with Ø 18mm electrican tube. Additional support of the elements not used.


Turns easily with my ALTAI tv rotator up at 8.5 meters over ground (weight abt 12 kg total) I`ll soon support the rotor but need to build myself a cranck-up mast.


I live 50 meters from the North sea (10 meter over sea level) and am line of sight to the horizon in all directions. But it is rather STORMY out here !


I add this pictures so that you can see the "baby" here up in windy Norway... hence the STRONG construction.


See u on 17 !

Best Regards De

LB9YE / Jan Morten Røsseth




notice the nice hub design and the stressed upward tilt of the spreaders.

very nicely done Jan--ed.

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