UPDATE: Allen's story was published in the August 2005 QST.  Allen has kindly made his eznec files and the full construction and parts list pdf file available to the MoxonAntennaProject website.  You can download these files which have been zipped into a single archive.  DOWNLOAD.

Since the beginning of the Moxon Antenna Project website, interest in multi-band moxon designs has been high.  Cebik has a section on "nested" moxon designs, however, he points out that any design has certain trade-offs.  There are several multi band designs shown on this website.

Recently, Allen Baker, KG4JJH (who's Black Widow 15 meter moxon was publish in QST) has completed a dual band 17/12 meter moxon shown above.  He has submitted a write up of the antenna complete with construction notes to QST which was accepted this past July.  No word on a publishing date yet.  However, he has graciously provided some data for us:

"This antenna is more rugged than the Black Widow and weighs 15 lbs, so it's not a good candidate for most push-up painter poles. I'm currently using a surplus military mast at 35 feet. The antenna is completely weatherproof and consists of fiberglass tubing, aluminum plate, stainless steel hardware, #14 Flexweave wire, and pvc. Both band elements are at the same elevation and are fed with one 50 ohm feed line. The measured SWR for both bands is less than 1.4:1. My first 17m contact was Curacao on 5w ssb!.  These EZNEC azimuth plots will give people an idea of the antenna's characteristics.  The plots are color coded:  blue is the bottom, black is the middle, and green is the top of each band."


According to these plots, the dual-bander has pretty decent gain (10.94dbi) and an average of 24db front to back for both bands.  Allen will be providing more information as soon as his QST piece is published.  In the meantime, if you have questions about the construction, you may email Allen at





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