JR3TVH'S Light Weight VMAP (Vertical Moxon Array for Portable)



Tim Sawa, JR3TVH writes:

I have been seen your site since you started your site here and have been just looked at many experimenter's reports from many countries included the Mr.Cebik's data. I have been tried many types of Moxon for years, and since I found out this antenna works very reliable beyond my SIM designs and believe something as below at my IOTA operations from remote islands. As though I love a fishing rod -vertical every operation and vertical dipole like SVDA recently. Here is a review of my MVAP:

1.  Just from my experience, Moxon Vertical Arrays I arranged some Moxon vertical arrays of the participants here published, that performs similar to the normal vertical dipole arrays, SVDA and much more effective to the vertical dipole or better shortened vertical dipole from 40 to 10m.

2.  MVAP is just a simple and light weight to install and collapse within 5 minute even rainstorm condition. Simulation is convenient to be done by AC6LA Dan's MoxGen sometimes additional arrange is needed.

This VMAP has a below 20 degree vertical angle and more than 5dBd as the same as 2ele Yagi and F/B ratio is the greatest over 27dB because it has a null point becasue it has a pattern of Cardioid. Designed his formula and checked at any places with MFJ-259B analyzer once or twice. That's it.

3.  Everybody could stuff one more rig or battery and water bottles into a backpack or a waterproof box or could reduce some pounds so that could protect even the risk of life on the island.

4.  As the construction is very simple with NO matching unit but has a sophisticated performance at the height of some feet on the reef or soils. Two fishing rod, ropes, pegs and light, thin wires for your band expected those ar just pre-installed last night for example( w/wo a 1:1 bulun.) I designed for the impedance is optimized at 50ohm without any matching unit. But some adjustment was needed at some places near the fence or blocks, some materials as common issues.

5. I believe the beamwidth is like a normal vertical Yagis so not very sharp but.. its beam angle at the sea side should be very low and has null point then is very effective when I hear DX signals and get them effectively. so this antenna works the best for DX and local use as a long Es prop for high bands (See the attached photos shown are the MVAP demonstration at the local club JH3YKV field meeting last month and some member enjoyed over 1500 km Es-QSO on 18m and even using it for 15m Es prop w/ FC-30 ATU and FT-897).  Recently I took every island operation with some wires, 3-4mm dia. PP ropes, RG58AU or 3D2V coax cable and fishing pole as my portable antenna set. This antenna is designed for the place at the seaside or on the sand, soil installations. Installation time is within 5 miniutes and a quick-QRV on any places because you just change to your required band wire to hang, fix at the square corner clips.

Actually this MVAP or Moxon vertical may be optimized for DXing. I achieved many DXs logged in and this is inferior NVIS or local QSO to DXing.

I am one of JA-IOTA enthisiasts I would like to have some advices to make more light weight or smaller but effective Moxon. So Please talk about this antenna information. I will use it at the beach or reef of Okinawa or remote islands or archipelago.

73, Taka JR3TVH.







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