What's better than a Moxon?  How about two!


3 Element 20m Moxon aluminium

The element size is designed by YU1QT (thanks to Andra). The length of the elements are a bit different to NEC calculation, so I have to tune it manually. The performance is outstanding. In December 2005 I could do a lot of contacts to VK and ZL and other stations to fare east. The Moxon reports where always much better than the Mosley Pro 57.

2 Element 40m Moxon Yagi-like

I build the 2 Element 40m Moxon with fishing rods from Spiderbeam version 1. I prefer the Yagi-like build, because its more rugged then a star build. We live in a valley with stormy winds at times.

The performance of this Moxon is also very good, lets say excellent. I am working also VK, ZL and Pacific area almost every day mostly less than 150W. For contacts within 2000km I found out that there is no big different in front/back or front side ratio. The signals are fairly the same...maybe 1 S unit different front/back and front/side. The difference comes up over 1000km. The performance rises to expected values. Compared to my 56m G5RV the moxon signals are always 3-5S units better!

For additional information about mechanical design, NEC Files or others information please send your e-mail at  hb0bb@yahoo.de




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