EP3PK'S 2 Meter UN Moxon

  Antenna on a 6 meters mast for pattern test.jpg

I would like to inform you that I have made a Moxon antenna for one of the U.N. repeaters in Tehran. I really like itís performance, hence I highly appreciate your website, which enabled me to know such antenna and make it.


The antenna is calculated for 170 Mhz, and it gives 1:1 SWR with great receiving comparing to our existing vertical antenna.

before install.jpg

Since the pattern test was ok, I didn't use balun, just soldered the RG58 cable to the center of driven element.  Elements are copper wire with 3 millimeters diameter, and at the top and bottom part of antenna I have used plastic tubes to hold the wires and avoid movements. I have glued and taped the ends of plastic tube as you can see in pictures below.




I have put the Moxon on our 50m tower, beaming south of Tehran, which always had contact problems. Now it has been solved and Iím very happy HiHi.


Pattern Test, Beaming southeast.jpg



Kind regards,

73 de EP3PK, Pooyan

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