DL7AOS' Field Day Moxon Array

 Always pushing the envelope, Stefan, DL7AOS' field day Moxon array is an impressive show of force for any field day operation.  Stefan writes:

...during the recent IARU Region 1 Fieldday we had much fun using a truck  mounted 18m crank-up tower and all homemade antennas: Moxon monoband  beams for 10-20m, 2 element vertical for 40m and dipoles for 40/80m.

As always the moxons performed like a charme, generating pile-up's!

I simply scaled the 10m and 15m versions using MoxGen for all designs. The construction technique is the same for all three beams elsewhere on the Moxon Project website.

See a short video of the preparation and the event here:   YouTube Video



Feedpoint used on each antenna



With regards and 73,    Stefan, DL7AOS and team.


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